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“The meeting didn’t quite go to plan due to me deciding to test the hardness of the tarmac! However…. Practise was very wet… (…) My first impression is that this damper actually works and works very well. The bike soaks up the bumps pretty well but I feel maybe I could have set the rebound a little harder to help stop the back end bounce on one particular corner.
(…)By the time of the first race the track is dry. I am on last place on the grid (grid positions are based on previous meeting‘s results and I couldn’t attend). By then end of the lap I am up to 5th from 19 starters. (…) The shock I have set to -3max on rebound and
– 4max compression.. it’s working fine and the bike feels transformed. By lap 1.5 I am into 4th behind The 250cc grp6 bikes of Topper, Turner and the 210 grp4 bike of Charely Edmonds. The corner which I had the issue on is now improved and the bike feels much safer and I actually manage to stay on the seat.. the corner is a 70mph left. (…) The shock however even in two laps I feel is a massive improvement over the rs24.”

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