BGM8596 Carburettor kit -BGM PRO 195-225 cc- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (2nd series, 3rd series), DL, GP –


Product Description

We have this carb kits put together for the RT kits. They are based on our bgm PRO manifolds and the Polini carbs with 24 mm and 30 mm diameter. They come with a flange type carb rubber from MBD and give the maximum panel clearance. The carb sits nearly in the original position and the air box can be used without any problems. The Polini carbs are used in Polini Thor engines for paragliders and every single carb is precisely checked. The carbs are easy to setup and give excellent miles per gallon ratio. A good starting point to dial the RT kits with a Big Box exhaust in is to start with an 45 idle jet, JJH needle on 2nd clip from top and a 125 main jet. The kit consists the complete bgm PRO inlet manifold, Polini carb, JJH needle, main and idle jet sets, choke conversion, inner throttle cable and trunnion, 180° elbow to make it possible to use the original length outer cable and solder fitting to bring the choke cable to the right length.

  • Item number:  BGM8596
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 1,20 kg
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