BGM857KT Idle jet set -BGM PRO- Dellorto (type: 9892) SI – (58-60-62-65-68/160)


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The secondary nozzle of the SI carburettor does not have the simple function of a conventional nozzle, i.e. the pure quantity regulation of the gasoline quantity. With the introduction of the PX in 1977, the previously used SI carburettor type and its auxiliary nozzles were modified. The old carburettor types, as they were used for example in the Rally engines, had a separate air duct for the auxiliary nozzles. These were therefore equipped with nozzles that could only regulate the amount of petrol (simply designated nozzles, e.g. Rally 200 ND=50) DOUBLE FUNCTION The new carburettor types have a closed air hole for the secondary nozzle. Piaggio has been using double function nozzles since the auxiliary nozzle, recognisable by the double designation (e.g. 55/160). For this purpose, the secondary nozzle is hollow drilled from above and thus ensures a corresponding premix of petrol with air. I.e. the mixture preparation in the secondary nozzle area works as in the main nozzle stock via an air nozzle and a main nozzle, here only combined in one part. Nozzle COMPARISON In the past, a quotient was formed from the values for the air nozzle (160) and the actual nozzle size (55) (in this example = 2.91) in order to make it easier to compare the different nozzles with each other. The resulting value should then help to classify the nozzle into a rating system from lean to rich (the smaller the value the richer). However, this approach is very rudimentary and not always e…

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