BGM8573 Carburettor -BGM PRO Faster Flow Dellorto / SPACO SI26/26E- Vespa PX200 (type without autolube)


Product Description

The BGM FASTER FLOW SI carburettor is based on a brand new SI26/26 E Dell”Orto/Spaco carburettor. With a diameter of 25mm these carburettors already have considerably more surface area than a SI24 carburettor. In principle, this type of carburettor can be drilled further, but then the guidance of the gas slide and its sealing function is no longer 100% guaranteed. Therefore, we limit ourselves here to a measure that has been successfully tested in practice. The SI26 will be revised by us so that it also meets the high demands of a strongly modified engine. The Cosa float chamber cover already has a larger float needle ex factory which is additionally equipped with a spring. This effectively prevents excessive pressure at the sensitive rubberized needle tip. In order to meet the increased fuel requirements of a tuned engine, the carburetor was optimized and a modification made to the through bore between the shimmer chamber and the nozzle block. Normally only 1.5mm in diameter, the FASTER FLOW carburettor already has a 1.8mm bore. This allows it to permanently supply main jets up to a size of 170 with tidy fuel. In addition, we change the float position as this would otherwise be too low in a powerful engine. These modifications lead to a significantly improved fuel supply, which means that there is no fuel shortage even with very strong exhaust systems. Especially when using an air funnel like e.g. Polini, this measure is extremely important to keep the mixture c…

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