BGM8085PKT Clutch friction plate set incl. steel plates -BGM Pro- for BGM Superstrong CR Ø=110mm- 4 friction plates – type Honda CR80


Product Description

BGM PRO Superstrong clutch facings type CR incl. BGM Pro steel discs Suitable for clutch BGM Superstrong type CR for Vespa Largeframe (PX/Cosa/T5, Rally etc.)) This CR facing set contains: 3x double sided clutch discs 1x half sided clutch disc 4 BGM Pro steel discs This makes it suitable for all Vespa Largeframe Superstrong clutches type CR. NOTE: For Lambretta LTH Liedolsheim and Vespa Smallframe MMW Hartz clutches an additional full clutch disc is required (BGM8085S). These can be ordered separately if required or the single disc can be ordered 4 times (BGM8085S). FEATURES The clutch facing type CR differs significantly from conventional Vespa clutch facings. Original used in the clutches of Honda CR80/VFR400 models, they offer the following advantages over the standard Piaggio Cosa brake pads: greater effective radius less weight wider flaps carrier material: Aluminium very resilient lining material 1:1 Replacement of series linings (without modifications) The advantages are a lighter clutch which separates faster and is extremely resilient. Despite the supposedly smaller lining surface, the clutch with the CR lining type can transmit more torque with the same spring force. Only the effective radius is decisive, not the size of the friction surface as such (this is only relevant for wear). Thanks to the enormously resistant lining material, the CR linings can also be used in very powerful engines in…

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  • Brand: bgm Pro
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