BGM8085C Clutch friction plate -BGM PRO type Honda CR80- for LTH Liedolsheim, MMW Hartz 4.2 & 4 & 5 clutch – carbon


Product Description

BGM PRO Superstrong Carbon clutch facings Type CR The BGM Carbon clutch facings have a much harder and more wear resistant material than the standard BGM facings. This makes them even more temperature stable, but they also require a certain basic temperature to develop sufficient grip. They also require higher spring rates than the standard brake pad material in order not to slip through at the same engine torque. This makes the BGM carbon brake pads clearly predestined for the racetrack where they can exploit their full potential. An ideal application is frequent starts under full load, e.g. at acceleration races or continuous load in endurance racing. The CR single lining is provided with lining material on both sides and is therefore suitable for the following clutch types: Lambretta LTH Liedolsheim (7x) Vespa Smallframe MMW Hartz4 (4x) Vespa Smallframe MMW Hartz5 (5x) NOTE : For the Vespa PX Superstrong CR clutches please use the complete clutch facing set (BGM8085SKT) as only this set contains the required cover disc with only one side facing. A CR pad set enables a clean and freely separating clutch even at very short lever travel. In addition, the lining material enables very simple and safe switching operations at high speeds. RECOMMENDATION We also recommend a low-alloy gear oil of classes API GL3/GL4 for high-performance engines in order to avoid slipping of the clutch even under extreme loads. This also applies to our BGM Superstron…

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