BGM8063KT Clutch friction plate set -BGM ORIGINAL type 6 springs (PX80, PX125, PX150)- 3 plates premium quality (incl. springs and steel plates)


Product Description

The BGM clutch facings are manufactured according to special specifications in order to obtain a high-quality, organic mixture of facings. This is both pressure and temperature stable and offers the friction discs a good grip. This ensures that the full torque is always transmitted to the gearbox and even rapid starting processes are loosely absorbed. A clutch equipped with BGM linings separates very cleanly due to the solid lining material. Even with strong clutch springs, the BGM pads provide clear feedback on the clutch lever, as the pad material does not compress as much as that of other manufacturers. The pads can be used in both standard and heavily reworked engines. TIPP : We offer the pads with and without steel discs. Ideally, the steel discs should be replaced directly when the clutch is overhauled. These are often discoloured and warped and thus prevent proper functioning of the clutch. We recommend an oil with the specifications Jaso- MA / MA2 /API GL-3 or GL-4 (e.g. BGM2025) as lubricant for these clutch facings. (machine-translated)

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