BGM8011TL2 Clutch spring locating tool -BGM PRO, Lambretta Superstrong- LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3)- can only be used with part no. BGM8011


Product Description

The BGM Superstrong clutch for Lambretta features an integrated clutch compressor system. With just two screws and two long nuts you can easily compress the Superstrong clutch. On the front side of the clutch spider two legs are marked with a point which signals on their base a threaded hole for the screw. Here you can thread the screws for the preload of the inner plate. The cutouts on the base of the locating tool are specially designed to guarantee more free surface for the high nuts used to preload the clutch for the mounting. As soon as the clutch is preloaded, the clutch spring locating tool can be pulled out.

  • Item number:  BGM8011TL2
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 0,17 kg
  • Category: Scooter Parts > Spare & Tuning Parts for Vespa, Lambretta, Scooter, … > Lambretta > Engines > Tools
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