BGM8004 Clutch friction plate set -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP –


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We have managed to use a very high quality organic coating mixture which is pressure and temperature stable on the one hand, but still wear resistant on the other hand. The whole combined with a very good grip to always have the full torque at the rear wheel. Even with very high spring force used, the separation distance is short because the material is not as soft and compressible as that of other manufacturers. Our BGM pro Lambretta plates can be used in all engines, from standard to fully developed engine setups. Our BGM pro red rubbers are equipped with a reinforced, very high-quality rubbing mixture, similar to the Surflex Red. This is particularly suitable for heavy-duty clutches such as in racing operation and/or in conjunction with a very high engine output. 4 plates BGM8004 CONTAINS: 4x friction lining BGM Pro (each lining 3.50mm) CONTAINS: 4-disc clutch in conjunction with standard clutch parts (3x 1.50mm clutch steel disc as standard) 5 washers BGM8005: CONTAINS: 5x friction lining BGM Pro (each lining 3,50mm) GET: 5-disc clutch in combination with higher sprocket, spider and base plate (4x 1,50mm clutch steel disc) 6 discs BGM8006 (red): CONTAINS: 6x friction lining BGM Pro red (each lining 2,60mm) CONTAINS: 5-disc clutch in connection with standard clutch parts (4x 1,50mm clutch steel disc) OR CONTAINS: 6 disc clutch in conjunction with higher sprocket, spider and base plate (5x 1.50mm clutch steel disc) TIPP: The transmittable tor…

  • Item number:  BGM8004
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
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