BGM7910TL Mounting tool for roller bearing, drive shaft, geqar selector box side -BGM PRO- Vespa VNA, VNB, Super (VNC until 024899, VBC until 70199), GT125 (until 60899), VBA, VBB, GL150 (VLA1T), Sprint150 (…


Product Description

Special tool – Made in Germany A bearing can be mounted quickly and easily like a professional. This is possible with this quality tool. The bearing is guided cleanly and cannot tilt. The motor housing is protected. Used to mount the split roller bearing of the main shaft in the small motor half (Lima side). Material: 42CroMo4 (1100Nmm² tensile strength!)) >surface: blue galvanized TIP: heat the housing before mounting and put the bearing in a freezer compartment overnight or freeze over with our cold spray (see accessories). An ideal supplement is our recoilless hammer from Toptul. (US) (machine-translated)

  • Item number:  BGM7910TL
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 0,70 kg
  • Category: Scooter Parts > Spare & Tuning Parts for Vespa, Lambretta, Scooter, … > Vespa > Engines > Tools
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