BGM7789NKT2 Shock absorber set -BGM PRO SC/R12 COMPETITION- Vespa GTS 250 ABS, Vespa GTS 300 ABS, Vespa GTS 300i.e. ABS, Vespa GTS 250 (2014-), Vespa GTS 300 (2014-) Vespa GTS 300i.e. (2014-) – black


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The BGM PRO SC shock absorber series belong to the finest suspension systems for a scooter. CNC machined, high-tensile aluminium (6061) finished with a corrosion-resistant hard-anodising coating is the basis of the a high-end suspension. The very stable piston rods are extremely finely processed in order to obtain a perfect surface with good sliding properties: this guarantees a sensitive response of the shock absorber as well as a total stability. Thanks to the numerous adjustment options the BGM shock absorbers can be used for different riding styles, for touring as well as sporty rides. Whether a firm, sporty ride or rather a comfortable smooth ride, everything is possible with a few clicks. SPECIFICATIONS TÜV approval high-tensile aluminium, CNC machined hard-anodised surfaces for good protection damping technology for a sporty and comfortable ride high-quality and long lifetime components solid 13,5 mm piston rod stepless adjustable spring preload plug and play COMPETITION: adjustable rebound and compression damping We offer you two different series: SPORT and COMPETITION . Both have a top-quality basis. SPORT SERIES The SPORT series is provided with an adjustable spring preload and therefore the scooter suspension can be adjusted for different rider‘s weight/vehicle load. The damping is fixed: ideal for a comfortable and sporty ride. BGM PRO SC/F1 Sport BGM PRO SC/R1 Sport The abbreviation F1 means "front, with f…

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