BGM7783NB Stoßdämpfer vorne -BGM PRO SC/F16 COMPETITION, 195mm + 205mm- Vespa PK – black


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The delivery of the Vespa PK dampers contains two different adaptors. The longer one is used to have the original PK front shocker length of 205mm. The shorter is used for the conversion of V50/PV/ET3 to shortened PK forks or PK fork with disc brake. The dampers fits for sure to drum brake as well as for PK and PX disc brakes. Beside the matched optics of the bgm PRO shockers, they offer built in second to none dampening function and comfort. The shockers are completely adjustable. Rebound and compression dampening are separately adjustable by 16 stages. The spring preload is stageless adjustable. So they can easily and perfectly be adjusted to your riding style and payload. The main focus of research and development work was to achieve a sporty, firm suspension without loosening on the comfort. The chosen materials assure longevity and perfect working action. To minimize the friction the surface of every single part is painstakingly machined. The massive rod and the bench face are micro machined and plateau honed. Features: Massive CNC body, anodized Made of high-strength alloy for light weight Large compensating reservoir direct at the main body Compression and rebound dampening separately adjustable Rebound dampening 16-stage adjustment Compression dampening 16-stage adjustment Massive 13.5 mm con rod Stageless spring preload adjustment Easy to fit bgm quality assured CAUTION! READ BEFORE ASSEMBLY! Adaptor has to be glued in Use glue included to delive…

  • Item number:  BGM7783NB
  • Availability: not in stock (please check current availability here)
  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 1,82 kg
  • Category: Scooter Parts > Spare & Tuning Parts for Vespa, Lambretta, Scooter, … > Vespa > Frame > Shock absorbers
  • Other customers were looking for it: Stoßdämpfer | Vorne | Federbein | Federung | Dämpfung | Fahrwerk | Stoßdämfer | Shocks | Stosdämpfer | Federbeine | shock | Absorber | Front | Amortisseur Avant | Ammortizzatore Anteriore | Amortiguador Delante |

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