BGM72M6 Stud installation tool -BGM PRO-


Product Description

Clever tool from BGM for damage-free installation of studs. Screw the BGM Pro tool onto the studs and counter with the integrated hexagon socket screw. In the process, it is braced with the thread of the stud bolt. Now turn the outer surface of the wrench. The stud bolt is fixed and can be loosened or screwed in. Make sure that the lock is sufficiently tight so that the tool does not come loose. Ideal for short bolts (e.g. Lambretta gearbox covers). The required minimum length of the thread is: M6 / /M7 = 6.5mm M8 = 9mm Available individually or as a set. Also available for the rare thread size M7! Required additional tool: Muzzle/ring spanner: SW19 Hexagon socket wrench: 6mm NOTE : Please note that studs glued in with screw glue/Loctite often have a very high breakaway torque. Here you should try in advance to heat the stud bolt(s) or the housing around it to loosen the adhesive connection. (machine-translated)

  • Item number:  BGM72M6
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
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