BGM6935LK Gearbox (gear cogs incl. drive shaft) -BGM PRO- Vespa PX EFL, Disc, My, 2011 (1984-) – PX125 (VNX2T 232053-, ZAPM), PX150 (VLX1T 624602-, ZAPM), PX200 (VSX1T 315267-), Cosa, T5 125cc, LML Star 2-st…


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Gearbox from BGM Pro for Vespa large frame motors. Available with or without main shaft. For the highest demands, the gears are made of high-alloy NiCrMo case-hardened steel (20NiCrMo2-2/ AISI8620). This extremely good base material can withstand even the highest engine powers. The precisely defined surface hardening to 58-60HRC makes the pinions permanently resistant to wear. This makes the BGM transmission parts uncompromising material for every serious engine builder. USE The highly developed transmissions can be used for all types of demands, whether standard engine, tourer or racer. We offer the gearboxes in the gradation of the PX125 (short fourth) or the PX200 (original gradation). Both versions are compatible with the auxiliary shaft of the 125-200cc models. Sporty engines/drivers use the option with short fourth gear. The gear step is then less large and the motor is immediately connected again in the power band. PASSING The gears of the Vespa Largeframe are roughly divided into old and new type: PX old (-1983) The old type was used until about 1983. He uses a main shaft where the gears are only held on one side (Lima) by a sea ring. The new type has been in use since 1984, not only in the Vespa PX but also in the T5, Cosa and their derivatives such as LML Star 2Takt and Stella 2Takt. The so-called Lusso gearbox has two circlips on the main shaft, the shift cross is flat. This type is considered more stable than the old one, as the bearing surface …

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