BGM6535A 4th gear cog -BGM PRO, P-range (-1984)- Vespa PX200 (-1984), Rally180/200 – long 4th gear for PX125-150 (1982-1984) – 35 teeth


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BGM Pro transmission parts are ultra solid material. The power wheels are made of high-alloy NiCrMo case-hardened steel (20NiCrMo2-2/ AISI8620) to withstand the toughest conditions. The very good base material also withstands the highest engine power. The precisely defined surface hardening to 58-60HRC makes the pinions extremely resistant to wear. Better than Piaggio Ware. Consistently high quality. No compromises. BETTER Suitable for all types of use, whether Tourer or Racer. PASSING Suitable for all transmissions that have an offset shift cross. These gears can be recognized by the main shaft, which has a circlip in front of and behind the gears. The middle segment on which the shift cross rests is at PX old (until 1984, cranked shift cross) : 5mm Lusso (from 1984, flat shift cross): 6.5mm The middle segments of the BGM gears are larger (approx 1/10mm) and thus offer even more bearing surface for the shift cross. (US) . (machine-translated)

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