BGM6481S85 Top hat bush for front brake cable -BGM PRO- Øi=8.5mm, Lambretta A, B, C, LC, D, LD, E, F, LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP


Product Description

BGM abutments are manufactured by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry in an excellent quality. The measurements correspond exactly to the old original ones from Innocenti. This guarantees a perfect fit. The abutments are needed to give a stop to the train outer shell on the frame or in the engine block. They are simply inserted into the corresponding bore. Used e.g. on almost all Lambretta vehicles. Also available as practical workshop sets (10pcs.) (machine-translated)

  • Item number:  BGM6481S85
  • Availability: not in stock (please check current availability here)
  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 0,00 kg
  • Category: Scooter Parts > Spare & Tuning Parts for Vespa, Lambretta, Scooter, … > Lambretta > Frame > Wheels
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