BGM6409FB Brake cable, front -BGM PRO Superstrong Ø2.5mm- Lambretta DL, GP


Product Description

These are our SUPERSTRONG Lambretta front cables. These improve the braking operation significantly. A similar modifaction Innocenti did back in May 1966 to the Lambrettas fitted with front disc units. The cable thickness was enlarged as well. The SUPERSTRONG outer diameter of the cable is 7 mm, while the inner is 2.5 mm. Original cables we measured were 6 mm outer and 1.5 mm inner. The outer diameter of the ferrule is 7.5 mm. It is a straight fit to most Series 3 light switch housings. On very early Series 3 ones and the Series 1 and 2 light switch housings the outer diameter of the cable is too big to be accepted by the light switch housing. On the front hub back plate you don’t use top hat bush anymore. This is build into the Superstrong brake cable to achieve the desired thicknesses. The effect on both drum and disc brakes is well worth the modification and the stopping action is improved heavily.

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