BGM6262K24 Primary drive set -BGM PRO, type Cosa2/FL primary gear BGM Pro 62 tooth (straight teeth)- Vespa PX125, PX150, PX200 (1997-), Cosa2/FL (1992-) – 24/62 tooth (2,58)


Product Description

PRIMÄR-KIT BGM PRO EXTRA LANG Motors with a lot of torque and early power peak choose the straight geared clutches which also require a straight geared primary wheel (also available as set with clutch). This allows very long reduction ratios to be achieved. Also perfectly suitable if the overall gear ratio is too short (e.g. MHR) for very sporty engines with a modified auxiliary shaft including shorter gear steps. Another option if the actual gearbox is very short (PX80) or the gear ratio is too low due to a small wheel diameter (PX200 engine with 8 inch tires in Oldie). Coupling pinion/ Primary wheel 23 (62/63) 24 (62/63) 25 (62/63) 63 2,74 2,63 2,52 62 2,70 2,58 p>2,48 The smaller the result, the longer the motor ratio, the higher the max. motor ratio can be. The extra long primary reduction ratios based on the 62/63 tooth primary gear are only available with straight teeth and therefore cannot be combined with conventional (helical) drives. The high torque of the motors which require such a long reduction ratio is transmitted directly into the gear via a straight toothing without exerting lateral forces on the bearing of the auxiliary shaft. Thanks to precise manufacturing, the straight-toothed drives are as quiet as the helical drives. PRIMÄR-KIT The primary kit included in the delivery contains all parts required for assembly. The set also has reinforced BGM Pro fir springs…

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