BGM6020KTL Gearbox shim set -BGM ORIGINAL- Vespa Smallframe V50, PV125, ET3, PK – Largeframe PX EFL (1984-), Cosa, T5 125cc – 0,90-1,40mm (+0,0 /- 0,04mm) – 6 pcs


Product Description

BGM gearbox shoulder rings are manufactured with high precision. They are hardened and ground plane-parallel to an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre. Thus they correspond exactly to the indicated dimensions. Quality assurance guarantees a maximum deviation of only four hundredths of a millimetre undersize. The BGM discs are therefore much more precise than Piaggio shoulder rings. WOFÜR Shoulder rings serve to compensate the axial play between the gears. The distance between the gearwheels is essential for a clean shifting. The narrower the play, the less the gears can slip sideways. The gear change becomes more precise as the shift cross now engages exactly in the middle of the gear wheel and does not push it away first. It is therefore worthwhile to measure the gear precisely. HOW MOVEMENT The backlash specified by Piaggio is 0.15-0.40mm. It is determined with a feeler gauge between the gear wheel and the shoulder ring. UNTERSCHIEDE The original shoulder rings are available in two versions: Thick (2,0-2,5mm original with only one nose) suitable for Vespa Largeframe from 1952-1984 Thin (0,9-1,4mm with four noses) suitable for Vespa Smallframe and Vespa Largeframe from 1984 (main shaft with two shoulder rings/sea rings) OLDIES The thick version of the shoulder rings for Largeframe Vespas before 1984 is no longer available from Piaggio. Thanks to bgm PRO, the matching shoulder rings in the 2mm to 2.50mm range are now finally available…

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