BGM2405 Crankshaft -BGM Pro RACING (for reed intake) full circle web, 51mm stroke, 97mm conrod- Vespa PK125 XL2, PK125 ETS (Ø=24mm cone)


Product Description

The bgm PRO Racing shaft is designed as a stable shaft for the ESC Class 1 rider. With 51mm stroke, 97mm connecting rod length and a stable Ø24mm alternator stub it offers ideal conditions as a full cheek shaft to fully exploit the limits of this racing class. The large crank webs offer significantly more overlap over the crank pin, resulting in a higher press dimension and thus maximum torsional stability. The large diameter of the crank webs means that the crankcase has to be spindle-mounted to Ø88mm. A later ascent to the 54mm shaft for even more displacement and power is possible without problems, the cheek diameters are identical. Hub: 51mm (std.) Pleuellänge: 97mm (std.)) Stable crankshaft stub with Ø24mm Torsion-proof due to large crank webs with high overlap High-quality connecting rod with lubrication pockets Full web design for high pre-compression MOUNTING NOTE: PK125 XL/ETS In PK 125 XL2 and PK125 ETS engine housings the standard generator bearing of the ETS/PX models is used (NBI253815). V50, PV, ET3, PK50, PK80/125S All other engine housings (V50, PV, ET3, PK50, PK125S etc.) require either a bush on the alternator side for conversion to an NBI bearing (see accessories) or a conversion ball bearing (6005 C3). This bearing, which is narrower than a 6204 bearing, is underlaid with a Ø47mm circlip (align the open end with the oil hole in the housing). This completely compensates for the smaller width of the 6005 bea…

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