BGM2404SE Crankshaft -BGM PRO Racing (rotary valve)- Vespa PK75, LML SE (Ø=24mm cone)


Product Description

BGM Pro special crankshaft with the stroke and connecting rod of the 50ccm models (43mm/87mm) combined with the large alternator stub (Ø24/25mm) of the PK125 ETS models. Stable 50ccm crankshaft on the market, fits with appropriate bearing in any small frame housing: V50, PK S, PK XL, PK XL2! Conversion bearings see accessories. Suitable for following engines to use cylinders for V50/PK50 (50-112ccm): Motor housing LML SE125 (as replacement for PK50XL2) Motovespa PK75 XL (96M/104M) and PK75 FL (127M/128M) Vespa PK125 ETS motors Generally all Vespa Smallframe V50, PV125, ET3 engines if they are equipped with a conversion bearing (25x47x12mm) for the alternator side. VESPA PK50 XL2 The BGM Pro crankshaft uses the large stub of the ETS models with Ø24/25mm to be able to use the engine housings of the LML SE125 offered by us also with the small cylinders of the 50ccm class. It is now possible to use the LML SE125 motor housing as a replacement for defective Vespa PK50XL2 motor housing. MOTOVESPA PK75 XL/FL The Motovespa PK75XL and FL engines are factory fitted with a cylinder with Ø47mm bore and 43mm stroke. As a special feature Motovespa uses a long connecting rod with 97mm and a 15mm piston pin (like the original 125ccm models). This means that none of the commercially available tuning cylinders can be used on these engines. For 125ccm cylinders the stroke is too small, for 50ccm cylinders the connecting rod is too long and the connecting rod…

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