BGM2403 Crankshaft -BGM PRO Racing (rotary valve)- Vespa V50, PK50 S (Ø=19mm cone)


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Material: The BGM crankshafts are forged like in the good old Piaggio times. In forging, the material is pressed together under temperature and high pressure. This results in a higher density of the material. Heat is dissipated much better. The material is more resistant to distortion. This is a huge advantage compared to the crankshafts manufactured by other manufacturers whose used materials often do not even reach the level of a series shaft. Tuning: The high quality of the used material also allows the use of very light pole wheels without the risk of crankshaft damage. This means that a better acceleration behaviour can be combined with a considerably increased durability of the engine. This is particularly important on engines with high displacement and speed. Thrust angle: The steering angles of this crankshaft are extended compared to a standard shaft. Ideal to give all cylinders, from 50cc Sport to 112cc Racing, more steam. With tuning cylinders the standard shaft with its clearly too short intake time does not come along. When a certain speed level is reached, the system is then properly locked off. The motor can be tuned with the optimized control angles of our shaft as if an original Piaggio shaft were installed. Nevertheless, the extended inlet angle ensures that even complete engines can fully turn out. In addition, the rotary vane inlet of the housing can be extended to provide enough space for larger carburettors and to further increas…

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  • Brand: bgm Pro
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  • Weight: ca. 1,42 kg
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