BGM2025 Gearbox oil -BGM PRO STREET- Vespa SAE30 API GL 3- 250ml


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BGM PRO STREET Transmission oil SAE30* – API GL3 Classic monograde oil, as prescribed by Piaggio for all Vespa shift engines. Covers everyday load conditions perfectly and is ideal from series engines to high-end tuning engines. Mild alloyed, ideally suited for oil bath clutchs Good adhesion, pressure resistant lubricating film Excellent oxidation stability Wear resistant *The SAE30 specification, unlike Lambretta, refers to the viscosity specification for engine oils.The SAE30 Vespa gear oil is therefore even slightly more viscous than the SAE80 Lambretta gear oil, which is specified according to the viscosity for gear oils. Waste oil disposal In accordance with the Waste oil regulation, we are obliged to take back the following used oils free of charge: Combustion engine oils — Gear oils — Oil filters and oil-containing waste regularly produced during oil changes. You can return the used oil to us in the quantity which corresponds to the quantity purchased from us. The place of return is our following place of sale: SCOOTER CENTER GmbH Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1 50129 Bergheim – Glessen Direct enquiries by telephone 02238-307430. If you carry out the oil change yourself, use the local possibilities to hand in your used oil (possibly for a fee) at recycling points (e.g. recycling yard). Whether your local material acceptance point accepts waste oil, you can usually find out on site or at your responsible municipalit…

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