BGM1220MAS Crankcase/maghouse gasket-BGM PRO silicone- Lambretta LI. LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL/GP 125-200


Product Description

The BGM PRO silicone gaskets are made of high-quality 0,5mm thick gasket paper (like the genuine Piaggio green gaskets) and are provided with a coat of silicone sealant which ensures a higher surface pressure of the gasket. Thanks to the permanent elasticity of the silicone sealant, the gasket also allows for a better sealing of the cold engine and prevents oil leak. 100% made in Italy Scooterlab BGM silicone Lambretta gaskets

  • Item number:  BGM1220MAS
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 0,01 kg
  • Category: Scooter Parts > Spare & Tuning Parts for Vespa, Lambretta, Scooter, … > Lambretta > Engines > Gaskets
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