BGM1011SP Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox SPORT (BBS)- Vespa PX200, Rally200


Product Description

The BGM BigBox Sport – a wolf in sheep”s clothing Performance like a racing exhaust – design and sound like a standard exhaust The BGM BigBox Sport is a purebred Vespa racing exhaust with the unsuspicious design of a genuine exhaust. Like the genuine Vespa exhaust, the BigBox is also double-walled and provided with insulation wool. This exhaust is an alternative to conspicuous and mostly loud replicas of our Original-BigBox and big expansion exhausts. Its high performance makes the bgm BigBox Sport clearly stand out from other box pipes. Designed for performance oriented drivers, who hold an unsuspicious vehicle in high esteem. Like every racing exhaust, the Sport Box requires a high power engine in order to develop full performance. If used in combination with cylinders like Polini 210, Malossi MHR and similar, this exhaust offers impressing results. It easily supports engine performances above the 25HP level and pushes with a rich torque. Despite its high top performance the sport box also supports leisure riding. Due to the commitment to a high gas flow rate, BigBox Sport is not suitable for standard engines or tame tuning cylinders. It needs a clear and strong pressure impulse in order to breathe life into the big manifold of the Sport Box. PROS: Standard design Low noise leve thanks to the double-wall and insulation wall like in genuine exhaust Top performance like an expansion exhaust No flat spot Broad revs range Higher top speed Very un…

  • Item number:  BGM1011SP
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 6,40 kg
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