BGM031081G Crankshaft long stroke -BGM Pro Touring (rotary valve) 51mm stroke, 105mm conrod- Vespa P80X, PX80


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Long stroke shaft BGM Touring for Vespa PX80. A specialty that is only available from BGM. For all friends of PX80 tuning we now offer a long stroke shaft with 51mm stroke for the PX80 (series has 48mm stroke). The BGM standard crankshaft already has a solid bearing (like that of the PX200 models) and is therefore more than equal to the large tuning cylinder (125cc conversion cylinder, DR135, Malossi 139). Also here we have kept exactly the same intake control angle of the original Piaggio crankshaft. So remains the possibility to build a powerful touring engine that brings all the everyday qualities of a production engine. Compared to an original crankshaft, the balancing factor has been improved and the intake area has been rounded and polished. The rotary vane sealing surface in the motor housing can be extended for an additional increase in performance. The additional stroke of 3mm turns a DR135 into a DR144. A Malossi 139 reaches almost 150ccm. The extended control angles allow to change the power characteristics according to your own ideas. For the PX80 with long stroke shaft, we recommend stroke compensation with a 1.5 mm thick cylinder head gasket. The control angles are thus already raised considerably, the willingness to perform and the willingness to turn are increased. For some combinations it is recommended to extend the outlet window/outlet channel upwards. Otherwise, the outlet forward angle becomes too small due to the disproportionate increase in th…

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