BGM031080G Crankshaft -BGM ORIGINAL Standard (rotary valve) 48mm stroke, 105mm conrod- Vespa P80X, PX80


Product Description

Basic solid BGM crankshaft for the PX80 models. The PX80 was manufactured for the German market and has only 48mm stroke (PX125 = 57mm). The most common damage to the PX80 engines is a defective lower conrod bearing, mostly caused by long service life or worn conrod thrust washers. The BGM crankshaft has a solid bearing here and also has no problems with the large tuning cylinders (125cc conversion cylinder, DR135, Malossi 139). As a special feature, the BGM crankshaft has exactly the same intake control angle as an original Piaggio crankshaft. This makes it perfect as a 1:1 replacement for an original crankshaft. Compared to an original crankshaft, the balancing factor has been improved and the inlet area has been rounded and polished. The delivery includes the upper connecting rod bearing. New crankshaft bearings and shaft sealing rings can also be ordered if required. Installation tools as well as complete motor revision kits for easy and damage-free installation are of course also available in the shop. Hub: 48mm Piston pin Ø: 15mm Conductor length: 105mm Suitable for all PX80 motors (V8X1T/V8X1M) TIP: For tuning enthusiasts small block fans we offer this crankshaft also as long stroke shaft with 51mm stroke! Perfect for expanding displacement and increasing performance with Malossi and Co! (machine-translated)

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