9077011SVT Wiring loom set for conversion (incl. light switch) -BGM PRO, Vespa AC conversion to electronic ignition (Vespatronic) – Vespa Smallframe V50 Special


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Conversion Wire harness for conversion to: Vespatronic ignition system in 50N Special with turn signal (angular steering head) The conversion to a more modern alternator/ignition type is a proven means to be more durable and safer on the road. The non-contact CDI ignitions are virtually indestructible and reliable, and the luminous efficacy is many times higher with a modern, regulator-supported on-board electrical system, since not only is the voltage increased from 6Volt to 12Volt, but the ignition base plate can also generally produce more power. For this purpose it is necessary to adjust the wiring harness, as in modern electrical systems the alternators have all the light coils connected in series for maximum power yield and only one live cable is left as the output for the on-board voltage. This is then fed to the voltage regulator, which limits the on-board voltage to a constant 12-13Volt. This effectively prevents the dreaded domino effect of the old electrical system, in which all the bulbs burn out one after the other after the defect of a single one. Only after the controller is the current conducted to the individual consumers. This technology also makes it possible to use a very powerful alternator such as our BGM ignition base plate, which guarantees a high light output and ignition power even at low speeds. To use such an alternator in the old chassis you therefore need a suitable wiring harness. Our conversion wiring harness is just the right thi…

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  • Brand: bgm Pro
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  • Weight: ca. 2,20 kg
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