9020017 Cylinder kit -BGM ORIGINAL 200 cc 12hp- Vespa P200, Rally200 cc


Product Description

The original PX200 GS cylinder kit has proved itself over the years. It started its life as the standard item for the Rally 200. For its time it reached Vespa unkonwon top speeds. With its 9.1kW at 5.700 rpm it regulary clocked at 120 km per hour at the Vespa speedo. The direct comparsion between the standard and the BGM item shows a slightly shorter cylinder. The 0.7mm off the overall length gets the squish dimension gets in a much more reasonable dimension. In its basic form the cylinder kit is economically priced and very strong. At the same time the kit offers lots of possibilities for further improving the power output. Thanks to the high quality chromed rings the port areas can be surely improved up on. The BGM cylinder kit is an economically priced, strong pulling replacement cylinder kit or a very good starting point for further tuning. Like on every other P200 kit the exhaust manifold is not included into the delivery of the kit. But your existing one can easily be used. Note: The cylinder will not fit without modifications to engines with an electric start system. The ring gear of the fan wheel rubs against the outer cylinder wall. The remedy here is disassembly of the ring from the fan wheel (rim only shrunk) or to grind of material on the cylinder. Therefore dismantle the fan, put the cylinder on the motor housing and press the fan by hand to the crankshaft and rotate it. Based on the resulting abrasion marks on the outer cylinder wall abrade only a few…

  • Item number:  9020017
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  • Brand: bgm Original
  • State: NEW
  • Weight: ca. 5,02 kg
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