7673641 Ignition -BGM PRO HP V2.0 stator- Vespa PX EFL (without battery 1984-2011), PX EFL Elestart (with battery 1998-2011), Cosa – 5 wires


Product Description

High quality ignition base plate of the brand BGM. Here both the quality and the technical characteristics of the original ignition were far surpassed. In the new V2.0 version, the coils of the stator plate have a higher number of windings and are connected in an improved schematic. The result is a brilliant and extremely powerful light output. The pick up is also of extremely high quality and always delivers an exact ignition signal to the CDI through a carbon barrier layer. This not only improves the starting behaviour, but the ignition remains stable even with very high revving engines. The high-quality cabling ensures a reliable transmission of the high light and ignition power. With its strong wattage, it already provides a very good light output at idle speed, which does not collapse even with the use of turn signals or additional power consumers. Maintenance work, as usual with contact ignitions, is omitted. When converting from a contact ignition (e.g. early P125X) to this base plate, it is necessary to use a different flywheel, voltage regulator and CDI. Everything necessary for this is available individually or as a set. High luminous efficacy High quality cabling Maintenance-free High starting willingness Proven excitation coil with copper plate for highest reliability Pickup with carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition pulse Cleanly processed light coils High-quality solder joints High ignition power for powerful engines UPDATE 2…

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