7673424 Silencer wool -BGM PRO 300x300x6mm- white

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Silencer wool -BGM PRO 300x300x6mm- white

Product ID: 7673424

Silencer wool -BGM PRO 300x300x6mm- white
This silencer wool consists of highly heat-resistant ceramic mineral wool. Often, producers use cheap silencing materials in order to cut costs. The cheap wool burns away or becomes clogged easily. As a result, such silencers often do not deserve to be called such after only a short period of time. Long time functioning is ensured by using our bgm PRO silencer wool when the original silencer wool needs to be replaced.

The silencer wool is readily packed for one filling for the common 50-70cc scooters’ exhausts. Thoroughly clean the silencer and especially the perforated tube after demounting. The perforation easily gets clogged and if not cleaned might still produce too much sound even after filling the new silencer wool. Simply push through the perforation with a small screwdriver. Make sure to put as much silencer wool as not to allow it to be pressed away by the pressure of the exhaust fumes, but do not fill too tightly in order to ensure good silencing results.

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