7673020 Tail light -BGM PRO LED- LAMBRETTA reflector only- LI (1st series, 2nd series, -1960), TV (1st series, 2nd series, -1960) – 12V


Product Description

LED rear light reflector to suit all Lambrettas. Thanks to the modern day LED light technics the power consumption of this rear light unit is considerably lower as on the conventional rear bulb. This gives a higher power output for the remaining consumers. The reflector is equipped with two stages LED lights. Every single LED is used for the rear light as well as fort he brake light. When the brake light comes in, the LED gets brighter. Colour coded to fit as this: black = earth, red = brake light, yellow = rear light. Fits not to Carello kind rear light housings. Can be modified to fit to dl/GP units. Does not work with the original 6V systems that. These need to be fitted with a regulator (BGM6696) to absorb the peaks of the lightning system. Otherwise the LEDs will be damaged.

  • Item number:  7673020
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  • Brand: bgm Pro
  • State: Neu
  • Weight: ca. 0,26 kg
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