bgm - Item number: BGM7782FRKS Availability: in stock (Please check the availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,09 kg Category: Frame> Shock absorbers> Shock absorbers Other customers who are interested in rear shock absorber fork (spare part) -BGM PRO SC / R12 COMPETITION, 330mm- Vespa PX, Rally - silver interested, also looked for: shock absorbers | Rear | Shock absorber | [...]

BGM clamping plate sets as well as their individual parts are manufactured by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry in excellent quality. The dimensions correspond exactly to the old originals from Piaggio. This guarantees a perfect fit. The high material quality enables reliable clamping of the brake cable. Also available as practical workshop sets (10 pieces) bgm - item number: BGM6482BX Availability: in stock [...]

Gasket for the cylinder head, as it is included in the BGM cylinder kit. Gasket thickness head gasket: 0,5mm copper Also fits Parmakit TSV177 / 187 bgm - Item number: BGM1770GH Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,10 kg Category: Engine> Seals> Seals Other Customers who are interested in cylinder head gasket [...]

The needle-bearing BGM PRO pressure plate is suitable for all clutches in the Vespa Smallframe category. These include, for example, V50, 50N, V90, SS50 / 90, PV125, ET3 and all PK models (PK S, PK XL and PK Xl2 - exception: automatic vehicles). ADVANTAGES The advantage of this high-strength steel, mounted pressure plate is the extremely improved sliding properties due to the integrated [...]

BGM Pro Minarelli reed valve block with large GRP valves. Ideal for use with large carburetors in order to achieve an optimal filling level, even at high speeds. The tough GRP sheet material is optimally cushioned and sealed by the rubberized surface. This guarantees a long service life, a quiet suction noise and very good performance. Only [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM5710S Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,20 kg Category: Frame> Body> Luggage hooks Other customers who are interested in luggage hooks -BGM PRO Aluminum CNC- Vespa GT , GTS, GTV, GTL, S - 50-300ccm - silver are also looking for: Luggage hooks | Bag | [...]

BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR - the original, now with Ultralube Extremely resilient coupling, very easy to use - Made in Germany The Superstrong 2.0 CR coupling combines extreme durability, absolute reliability and easy operation. It is the basis of any solid engine tuning. The massive, CNC manufactured clutch basket has excellent concentricity and a [...]

BGM PRO wire rope hoists correspond to the factory specification and impress with their high quality and low price. All trains have vehicle-specific lengths and can therefore be installed directly without rework. Particular attention was paid to high-quality details such as double-pressed end sleeves, burr-free nipples or tinned wire ends. Installation is quick and easy. To the [...]

BGM Pro shims for the clutch are manufactured with high precision. They are hardened and ground plane-parallel to the hundredth of a millimeter. They therefore correspond exactly to the specified dimensions. WHY The shim is needed to distance the clutch in the engine. It is installed under the coupling pinion and is available in thicknesses of 0,8-1,6 mm (in 0,2 mm increments). [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM2581 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,19 kg Category: Engine> Carburetor> Intake manifold Other customers who are interested in intake manifold for BGM1550 -BGM PRO Ø24mm for Dellorto PHBL24 / 25, Polini CP23 / 24- Vespa Wideframe 125ccm Vespa V1 to V15, V30 to V33, VN, VM, [...]

BGM PRO Oversize screw / clamp nipple in excellent quality, manufactured by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry. The BGM PRO Oversize types have five special features: Production to oversize (Ø10.06mm) Stepped collar at the upper end With a wrench surface to hold against (SW = 9mm) With 3.5mm hexagon socket (like original Innocenti) With internal clamping plate to protect the train OVERSIZE The [...]

If a crankshaft with a longer stroke is used, this additional stroke has to be compensated for for two reasons. On the one hand due to the mechanical conditions to prevent the piston from hitting or the engine runs too highly compressed, on the other hand to keep the control angle of the cylinder, which determines the performance, within a reasonable range. If the stroke is extended, [...]