Very powerful SPORT intake manifold for Peugeot Ludix and Jet Force C-Tech. 17,5 mm PHVN and 19 mm PHBG carburettors with rubber connections fit on it. This combination already offers quite a decent potential to achieve a nice increase in performance. bgm - item number: A703 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,07 [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM0292HS15 Availability: in stock (Please check the availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,05 kg Category: Engine> Seals> Spacer Other customers who are interested in Spacer cylinder head -BGM ORIGINAL Ø52.5mm- Vespa PX125, Cosa125, GT125, GTR125, TS125, Super125 - 1.5mm are interested, also looked for: Spacer | Cylinder head | Distance seal [...]

The BGM Superstrong for Lambretta already has a "built-in" clutch compressor system. The Superstrong coupling can be easily compressed with just two screws and long nuts. On the face of the coupling spider, two of the legs are marked with a point, at the bottom of which is the threaded hole for the screw. Here the screws are used for pre-tensioning [...]

BGM PRO wire rope hoists correspond to the factory specification and impress with their high quality and low price. All trains have vehicle-specific lengths and can therefore be installed directly without rework. Particular attention was paid to high-quality details such as double-pressed end sleeves, burr-free nipples or tinned wire ends. Installation is quick and easy. To the [...]

Single flange plate of the BGM exhaust adapter for Vespa T5 engines. Single spare part. The outlet flange pipe is still required for completion. (US) bgm - Item number: 3330594 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,66 kg Category: Engine> Exhaust> Exhaust manifold Other customers who are interested in exhaust flange plate (for connecting pieces) - BGM Vespa [...]

The BGM FASTER FLOW SI carburetor is based on a brand new SI24 / 24 E Dell'Orto / Spaco carburetor. This will be revised by us so that it also meets the high demands of a heavily modified engine. In order to meet the increased fuel consumption of a tuned engine, the carburettor was optimized and a modification was made to the through-hole between the shimmer chamber and the nozzle holder.

BGM ignition base plates and ignition kits are the solid basis for a high-quality engine. The powerful alternator guarantees perfect light output, the HQ ignition components a clean and powerful engine, the BGM pole wheel an extremely quiet engine run. Ideal for upgrading a decrepit, contact-controlled electrical system to a modern, maintenance-free high-performance ignition. ADVANTAGES: High light output thanks to maximum number of windings Proven excitation coil [...]

Replacement manifold for the BGM Pro banana exhaust systems. Originally installed on the 125cc Touring version. Can also be used to convert a 125cc BGM Sport Banana to the touring version or a 50cc touring to 125cc touring. bgm - Item number: BGM1125DP Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 1,56 kg Category: [...]

Motor housing bolt set that contains all removable motor bolts of the motor housing. The bolts are made of high-strength steel (10.9) and are permanently protected against corrosion by a browning process. Also included are the snap rings, washers and nuts, all of which are galvanized. The set corresponds to the original dimensions used ex works and is a high-quality 1: 1 replacement for the original [...]

Latest version of the Lambretta bgm shock absorber. Compared to its predecessor, many details have been further optimized. The biggest innovation is the ability to adjust the height of the shock absorber by 10 mm. This allows additional space to be created between the frame and the suction cup. New features: bushings with silent rubbers mounted progressively wound spring rebound and compression damping with hard marking [...]

You can use the pins to block the clutch bell in order to loosen the clutch nut. The large nut of the coupling can be removed with the inner hexagon key. bgm - Item number: BU5506 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,27 kg Category: Motor> Clutch> Tools Other customers who [...]

Grip, cornering, directional stability, handling, wheelspin, braking behavior? All of these are demands that your chassis must be able to cope with. bgm offers the right damper for every application. The bgm ORIGINAL shock absorbers are high quality oil pressure shock absorbers at a bargain price. In contrast to the original shock absorbers, the bgm suspension struts are adjustable in the spring preload. So they let [...]