The BGM clutch linings are manufactured according to special specifications in order to obtain a high-quality, organic lining mixture. This is both pressure and temperature stable and offers the friction disks a good grip. This means that the full torque is always transferred to the gearbox and quick starting processes are also easily handled. A clutch equipped with BGM linings separates due to [...]

bgm - Item number: SC5011 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,00 kg Category: Motor> Rubber parts> Rubber parts Other customers who are interested in rubber motor / cable -BGM ORIGINAL- Vespa PK (used for cable feedthrough engine housing / ignition base plate) are also looking for: rubber | Engine | Cable | Rubber buffer [...]

BGM gear shoulder rings are manufactured with high precision. They are hardened and ground plane-parallel to the hundredth of a millimeter. They therefore correspond exactly to the specified dimensions. The quality assurance guarantees a maximum deviation of only four hundredths of a millimeter undersize. This makes the BGM discs much more precise than Piaggio shoulder rings. WHY shoulder rings are used to compensate for the axial play between [...]

If a crankshaft with a longer stroke is used, this additional stroke has to be compensated for for two reasons. On the one hand due to the mechanical conditions to prevent the piston from hitting or the engine runs too highly compressed, on the other hand to keep the control angle of the cylinder, which determines the performance, within a reasonable range. If the stroke is extended, [...]

Material: The BGM crankshafts are forged like in the good old Piaggio times. During forging, the material is pressed together under high temperature and high pressure. This results in a higher density of the material. Heat is dissipated much better. The material is more resistant to distortion. This is a huge advantage compared to the reproduced crankshafts from other manufacturers whose materials are used.

With the Sport and Competition line, BGM Pro has two high-quality shock absorber series in its delivery program. Both have in common the perfect workmanship, the high material quality and approval by means of ABE. Despite their high resilience, the dampers are very light, as they are made of high-strength CNC aluminum and have excellent surface protection made of hard anodized aluminum. The front [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM2200BS05 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,01 kg Category: Engine> Cylinder> Spacer Other customers who are looking for Spacer cylinder base -BGM PRO RaceTour- Lambretta LI , LIS, SX 125-150, TV 175 (series 2-3), DL / GP 125-150 - 0.5mm are also interested in: Spacer [...]

BGM screw / clamp nipples are manufactured by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry in excellent quality. The dimensions correspond exactly to the old originals from Piaggio / Innocenti. This guarantees a perfect fit. As in the original, the clamping screws for the shift cables have an internal plate. This protects the inner cable of the Bowden cable and helps to [...]

BGM PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant (E10) FKM / Viton® * WHY FKM / VITON® The material FKM (fluorocarbon rubber) is extremely heat, friction and fuel / ethanol resistant. Current premium fuel in Germany already contains up to 5% ethanol admixture per se. In other countries the ethanol / alcohol content is even higher. Conventional shaft seals can swell or soften when they come into contact with fuels containing ethanol. [...]

IGNITION CABLE BGM PRO SILICONE 7MM The BGM Pro silicone ignition cable is a real professional product. The tinned copper wire with 1,5mm² enables a powerful spark under every condition. It is suitable for retrofitting on every motor and offers the following advantages compared to a standard PVC cable: High voltage resistant up to over 50000V (50kV) Heat resistant up to 200 ° (fire protection class FT-1 / VW-1) Copper core [...]

Float needle BGM PRO Viton ® for Dell'Orto carburettor The float needle regulates the flow of petrol into the carburettor. If the float needle is defective, the carburetor overflows and the gasoline drips onto the floor and / or into the engine. The result is often a poorly starting and smoking engine. If the carburettor is revised, it is therefore useful [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM8521A Availability: in stock (Please check the availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,50 kg Category: Engine> Carburetor> Carburetor Other customers who are interested in carburetors -BGM ORIGINAL PHBN 12- Minarelli 50 ccm (manual choke) - AW = 23mm, also looked for: carburetor | Carburetor | Gasifier | Atomizer [...]