The BGM PRO assembly kit for handlebar end mirrors can be used universally for all motorcycles and scooters. With the adapter, a handlebar end mirror can be mounted quickly and easily. No modifications to the fittings or the handlebars are necessary. (Vehicles whose rubber grips are still closed at the end can be equipped with open grips or, alternatively, the existing grips with [...]

abcd A 02 2,00 0,60 20,00 12,00 A 07 2,00 1,00 18,00 14,00 A 10 2,02 0,60 18,00 14,00 A 11 2,02 0,60, 20,00 12,00 12 A 2,00 1,79 20,00 12,00 13 A 2,00 1,79 22,00 10,00 14 A 2,02 1,00 18,00 14,00 15 A 1,98 1,77 20,00 12,00 18 A 2,04 XNUMX [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM4952 Availability: In stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 1,72 kg Category: Frame> Body> Main stand Other customers who are interested in main stand -BGM PRO Soft Stop System- Vespa Largeframe Sprint150 (VLB1T), Rally180 (VSD1T), Rally200 (VSE1T), GT / GTR125 (VNL2T), TS125 (VNL3T), GL150 (VLA1T), VNB2T to VNB6T, [...]

Lambretta cylinder base gasket with a thickness of 3,0 mm for the large engine blocks with 200-250 ccm displacement. Ideal to compensate for connecting rod lengths, differences in the heights of the engine sealing surfaces, twisted cylinders or to be able to experiment with the control times. The size of the overflow channels is dimensioned so that it corresponds to the standard overflows. Ideally, this should match the engine block and cylinder.

bgm gearboxes are always delivered ready-pressed. This allows you to send your old gearbox directly and quickly to the old part - without the hassle of re-pressing the new gearbox. Simply plug & play! Lengthening the gear ratio makes sense if the engine performance has been increased through successful tuning measures. With the extended translation you can [...]

Complete kit to re-store the crank mechanism. Absolutely recommended as a replacement measure or when installing a new crankshaft. The kit contains: 6305 FAG bearings for the drive side NU2205 bearings for the generator side * Drive-side Viton shaft seal from MB Developments Inner Viton shaft seal from MB Developments for the Maghousing Outer Maghousing shaft seal 6305 Seal Four Allen screws for [...]

Ignition coil -BGM PRO- Minarelli 50ccm (Yamaha ignition) bgm PRO Racing ignition coil with high-end secondary winding. With this coil, the secondary voltage is almost doubled. The standard ignition voltage of the original ignition coil is around 16.000V. With the race high tension coil ignition coil from BGM PRO we achieved an ignition voltage of a full 31.000V !!! The advantage lies in the better [...]

bgm - Item number: 7671414 Availability: in stock (Please check the availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,06 kg Category: Engine> Carburetor> Carburetor components Other customers who wanted float chamber -BGM ORIGINAL- PHBG - Interested in aluminum, also looked for: float chamber | Carburetor Chamber | Bowl | Carburetor float | Overflow | Expiry | Drowning [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM7782FRKS Availability: in stock (Please check the availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,09 kg Category: Frame> Shock absorbers> Shock absorbers Other customers who are interested in rear shock absorber fork (spare part) -BGM PRO SC / R12 COMPETITION, 330mm- Vespa PX, Rally - silver interested, also looked for: shock absorbers | Rear | Shock absorber | [...]

BRAKE CALIPER SET BGM PRO RADIAL suitable for LML Star / Stella -MAXIMUM DECELERATION WITH MAXIMUM SAFETY- BRAKE CALIPER BGM PRO 4-PISTON RADIAL The BGM PRO 4-piston brake caliper increases the effective piston and pad area of ​​the front brake system and thus enables braking performance at motorcycle level. With 4x25mm brake pistons, the BGM PRO brake caliper has 40% more piston area than a conventional two-piston brake caliper [...]

TNT Vario cover NEW STYLE -CHROME- Minarelli MA & MY. The chrome-plated vario cover from TNT is like a mirror, but not only glitters beautifully in the sun, it also creates a breathtaking look. bgm - Item number: BGM4915 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 1,91 kg Category: Motor [...]

BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR - the original, now with Ultralube Extremely resilient coupling, very easy to use - Made in Germany The Superstrong 2.0 CR coupling combines extreme durability, absolute reliability and easy operation. It is the basis of any solid engine tuning. The massive, CNC manufactured clutch basket has excellent concentricity and a [...]