BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR - the original, now with Ultralube Extremely resilient coupling, very easy to use - Made in Germany The Superstrong 2.0 CR coupling combines extreme durability, absolute reliability and easy operation. It is the basis of any solid engine tuning. The massive, CNC manufactured clutch basket has excellent concentricity and a [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM7772SP Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,44 kg Category: Frame> Shock absorbers> Springs Other customers who are looking for rear shock absorber springs -BGM PRO R12 V2 Black Edition , 300-310mm- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP - black are interested, also looked for: shock absorber spring [...]

For permanent fixation, stickers need a clean, smooth and degreased surface. Our brake cleaner, for example, is very suitable for degreasing. In the case of larger areas to be glued, it is always an advantage to spray the area with a little water before gluing. The water can also be mixed with a few drops of detergent to make it [...]

Premium quality! The side panel rubber of the PX series differs in the thickness of the rubber profile. Basically interchangeable, the so-called PX Lusso model series (from year of construction 1984) uses significantly thicker rubber side panels. Their profile covers more area, both on the side panel and on the frame. Since there are no side panel rubbers in decent quality at a reasonable price on [...]

bgm - Item number: BGM6010S24 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,04 kg Category: Engine> Gearbox> Shims Other customers who are looking for gear shims -BGM ORIGINAL- Lambretta Series 1-3 - 2,40mm are interested, also looked for: Gear shim | Thrust washer | Washer gear | Gear disc | Spacer [...]

High quality electric cable with robust PVC sheath. Available in many different colors, such as those used in Piaggio vehicles. Available in cable cross-sections of 0,85mm² and 2,0mm². Outside diameter 0,85mm² = Ø2,3mm outside diameter 2,0mm² = Ø3,1mm Cable type: Single core Insulation: Special PVC according to DIN ISO 6722 and LV112 Temperature range: -40 to + 120 ° C Conductor: Bare copper wire Length: 10 meters [... ]

Exhaust spring -ANTI RATTLE- stainless steel - 50mm: Stainless steel spring anti-vibration rubber Both heads can be rotated 360 ° Here you will find the luxury version of the exhaust springs, easy to hang in, rust-free and thanks to the rubber coating, completely rattle-free. bgm - Item number: BGM0903 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,02 kg Category: Engine> Exhaust [...]

bgm - Item number: 4350011 Availability: in stock (Please check availability here in the Scooter Center Shop) Weight: approx. 0,14 kg Category: Frames> Cables> Cable pulls Other customers who are interested in universal pull-Ø = 1,2mm x 2500mm, nipple Ø = 5,5mm x 7mm- used as throttle cable - turned interested, also looked for: Zug | Universal | Throttle cable [...]

Mark Broadhurst has incorporated his experience from several decades of Lambretta tunings and over 1.700 tuned two-stroke cylinders into the development of the RaceTour cylinders. The cylinders are available with 195ccm (65mm bore) for the small engine case with 125-175ccm and with 225ccm (70mm bore) for the 200ccm engine case. The cylinders offer significantly increased performance and [...]

BGM PRO silicone sealing sets consist of a 0,5mm thick, high-quality sealing paper (like Piaggio "green" original). In addition, the seals, which are always in contact with oil, have an already applied layer of silicone sealant. This ensures increased surface pressure on the seal. In addition, the silicone seal also seals the cold engine much better thanks to the [...]

BGM PRO Oversize screw / clamp nipple in excellent quality, manufactured by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry. The BGM PRO Oversize types have five special features: Production to oversize (Ø10.06mm) Stepped collar at the upper end With a wrench surface to hold against (SW = 9mm) With 3.5mm hexagon socket (like original Innocenti) With internal clamping plate to protect the train OVERSIZE The [...]

High-quality CNC sport levers from bgm PRO for vehicles with hydraulically operated front disc brakes with Grimeca or LML brake pumps. Suitable for Vespa PX from 1998-2003 as well as all LML vehicles / brake pumps. Milled from solid aluminum, with an elegant, hard-wearing hard anodized surface. Ergonomically much better than the original levers, they offer better performance and feedback. Also ideal [...]