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BGM4000 Oil -BGM PRO RACE- 2-stroke fully synthetic – 1000ml

BGM4000-Oil -BGM PRO RACE- 2-stroke fully synthetic - 1000ml

bgm PRO RACE 2-stroke fully synthetic is 100 % synthetic produced high performance 2-stroke oil. It is a good choice for all powerful street and race engines. It fulfills the highest and most rigid Japanese JASO testing standards. It gives a perfect lubrication and protection of all parts on every 2-stroke engine. The very low […]

BGM2000 Oil -BGM PRO STREET- 2-stroke, semi synthetic – 1000ml

BGM2000-Oil -BGM PRO STREET- 2-stroke

bgm PRO STREET 2-stroke synthetic oil is a high quality 2-stroke oil. It fulfills all the Japanese JASO FC testing standards. The JASO FC classification shows that it is low smoke oil, perfectly suited for all road engines. The rsidue-free combustion gives a clean exhaust port even after thousands of miles. This ensures a long […]