• bgm-bigbox-this-is-big
  • BGM PRO RACE & BGM PROS TREET  Stroke Scooter Oil Vespa Lambretta
  • Wheel rim -BGM PRO 2.10-10- Vespa (type PX) – stainless steel polished
  • Wheel rim -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI Series 1-3, LI S, SX, TV Series 2-3 – stainless steel polished
  • Piston -BGM PRO MRB-Racetour Lambretta
  • Crankshaft bgm PRO
  • Cylinder head lambretta

I covered 4.500km riding across Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece and the scooter was a joy to ride. The <strong>bgm PRO</strong> shocks and were perfect and I’ll soon be stripping the silentblocks out to check them. On appearance, and in use now, they were fantastic. Well done!


“Now that it is in and fitted, I am satisfied with the crankshaft and because it is much smoother than the one I used before I can now appreciate the advantage of using a balanced crank compared to putting the same rod kit into Indian webs for instance. It is also good that you supply all the parts that people might need with the kit.”

famous scooter magazin author

New <strong>bgm PRO</strong> Electronic flywheel is real quality. It fits perfect, the timing marks are correct and really easy to set the timing. Works perfect with the M-Tech advance box with no stator mods. About time, I’m impressed, every Lambretta should have one.

mb mark broadhurst